The USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity

Designed to bolster the U.S. Government’s ability to boost trade and investment to, from, and within the African continent. The continent-wide program is USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity’s flagship effort in support of the Prosper Africa initiative and will expand and accelerate two-way trade and investment between African nations and the United States.

Driven by market demand, USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity embraces innovative approaches to achieve its goals. USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity is designed as a small, core set of centrally coordinated technical and institutional support activities, and a large, flexible performance-based subcontracting and grants under contract facility designed to support the needs and opportunities that USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity Missions and the private sector identify.

About Tutwa Consulting Group’s Regional TradeNetwork

The Regional TradeNetwork (RTN), an initiative by Tutwa Consulting Group (Tutwa), aims to foster cooperative research and advice in various areas of international trade, investment, intellectual property, and trade dispute resolution. Through webinars and training sessions, the network seeks to engage academics, practitioners, and consultants, who are typically not involved in trade negotiations, in facilitating discussions on trade and investment. By involving a wider range of stakeholders, the network aims to enhance partnerships and accelerate African development. The sessions focus on exploring political, economic, and legal perspectives on emerging trade and investment developments in Africa, with an emphasis on integrating the network with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and leveraging resources from development partners like Afreximbank, African Development Bank (AFDB) and other African Union (AU) institutions to drive effective economic growth strategies for Africa.

Tutwa Consulting Group in collaboration with the USAID Africa Trade and Investment Activity has developed a series of online lectures around digital trade, interoperability and PAPSS.

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