African Union Summit Side Event – Beyond Trade in Goods and Services

Date(s) - Monday, November 21, 2022
11:00 am - 12:45 pm


Side Event: Beyond Trade in Goods and Services: Preparing for Phase II of the AfCFTA

Time Activity Facilitator / Speaker Topic
11:00 –11:05

(5 mins)

Welcome Lesley Wentworth

Managing Director, Tutwa Consulting Group

Opening Remarks and Programme Direction
11:05 – 11:20 Keynote Opening Mary Gounder

Trade Specialist, USAID – Africa Trade & Investment  (ATI)

Context of the ATI Continental Services Project

USAID Support for Trade and Investment in Africa and for the AfCFTA Implementation

11:20 -11:30

(10 mins)

Presentation 1 Kane Jules

Economist, Tutwa Consulting Group

E-Commerce and interoperability

With the E-Commerce Protocol in mind, this presentation will provide an overview of risks for global ICT systems and interoperability in African businesses and governments, and highlight the specific challenges faced by African states. The discussion will be grounded in case studies of E-commerce players and their challenges and options for resolving them in order to enable growth under the AfCFTA Protocols.

11:30- 11:40

(10 mins)

Presentation 2 Thabelo Muleya

Legal and Policy Researcher, Tutwa Consulting Group


RECs and AfCFTA Protocols

The AfCFTA negotiations on Phase II have commenced. While these are ongoing, it is vitally important to understand the linkages of the AfCFTA Protocols and the rules and regulations, and policies in place at REC and MS level. This means that the implementation of the AfCFTA Protocols will help support the needed integration and harmonization across the African continent.

11:40 to 11:50 Q&A All Questions and comments from the audience
11:50 to  12:40 Facilitated Discussion Facilitator: Lesley Wentworth


Dr. Bernice McLean (AUDA-NEPAD),

Mr. Ziad Hamoui (Borderless Alliance, Ghana), and

Mr. Peter Varndell (SADC BC)

EAC Secretariat Representative, TBC

IGAD  Secretariat Representative, TBC

Each speaker presents (in 5 minutes) their perspectives of what will be significant issues to watch out for in the Phase II and III Negotiations and Discussions. Then the facilitator will pose questions and take questions from the audience addressed to the panel.
From 12:40 -To 12:45

(5 mins)

Closing and Thanks Lesley Wentworth


Vote of thanks to all the participants