[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][qbox title2=”“I am very impressed with the depth of the analysis and patent hard work invested in crafting such a lucidly written piece. Your piece afforded me the chance to learn a lot – a feat I deeply cherish.”
~Junior Lodge, Director, ACP MTS programme, commenting on the mega-regionals paper” align=”right” big_color=”#777777″ small_color=”#777777″][vc_column_text]Recent projects include:

  • Development of a stakeholder mapping framework and analysis of local content dynamics within the Independent Power Procurement sector.
  • Developing an export strategy for the plastics industry in South Africa for key African markets. A membership survey and export dynamics analysis.
  • A strategic review of South Africa’s trade and economic environment . An assessment of South Africa’s manufacturing industry to determine economic performance and possible sensitivity to local content requirements.
  • A review Namibia’s domestic economic policy framework and their interactions with trade policy, proffering recommendations to the Namibian government.
  • Assessment of the Continental Free Trade Agreement rules of origin negotiations between SADC, COMESA and EAC.
  • High-level strategic analysis of African International Relations Strategy for Gauteng Province.Analysis involved situating Gauteng within the African context, assessing South Africa’s inter-governmental system and identify opportunities and constraints to advance the objectives.
  • An analysis of the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations for Sub-Saharan Africa LDC countries. The analysis cited recommendations for the International Institute of Sustainable Development and Indian government.
  • Review of registration and compliance costs and procedures, implementation of foreign investment advisory services, labour laws , and import and export procedures  for Business Botswana.
  • A Business Climate survey on European based companies operating in South Africa. Determining their satisfaction in operating with the local business environment. Reporting a statistical analysis of the survey.
  • A substantive ‘think piece’ for the World Bank, as part of their ‘Factory Southern Africa’ project, exploring how Southern Africa could leverage the relocation of Multinational Companies out of China.
  • Two analytical reports on respectively, trade, investment and geopolitical impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations for Germany.
  • Two papers for the ACP MTS Programme, on global value chains and the implications of mega-regional trade negotiations respectively, for input into the post – Bali strategic reflection on the WTO meeting of ACP Ambassadors in Geneva.
  • Coordination of regional inputs, and project lead for the trade component, in respect of a study on the potential for a Southern African Customs Union industrial policy, for GBRW Consulting (end client being the SACU Secretariat). This project is ongoing.
  • A paper ‘Changing China, Changing Africa: Future Contours of an Emerging Relationship’ for the special issue of the Asian Economic Policy Review special theme entitled ‘China’s Interaction Impact on the Rest of the World; the client and funder was the Japan Centre for Economic Research.
  • Delivery of a training module for Department of Trade and Industry officials being transferred abroad, for GDP Global.
  • Delivery of an MBA course for Wits Business School, entitled ‘Business, Government, and Society’, with a particular focus on South Africa in the global political economy.
  • Analysis of South Africa’s strategy for the BRICS Durban summit held in March 2013, and of the summit’s outcomes, for a foreign client.
  • Analysis of the competitiveness debate pertaining to international climate change negotiations, in relation to South Africa’s evolving carbon tax regime, for a chemicals company.
  • Analysis of South Africa’s trade with sub-Saharan Africa and identification of products amenable to air transportation, for Dube Trade Port.
  • Assessment of the potential for a trade deal between South Africa and Angola as part of a broader strategic partnership centered on infrastructure, for the regional Spatial Development Initiative programme at the Development Bank of Southern Africa.
  • A paper on emerging trends in trade protectionism and associated implications for Southern African countries, for the World Bank.
  • Analysis of South Africa’s emerging intellectual property rights policy framework, for the South African Federation Against Copyright Theft.