Executive Education

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]We offer several courses tailored to our three practice areas. Drawing on our extensive experience with offering MBA and university level courses on various topics, they offer varying degrees of mastery of complex topics impacting on the regulation of international business transactions and companies operating within these environments.

Trade policy and trade negotiations for dummies:

This course targets government officials and organized business practitioners embarking on trade negotiations. It draws a distinction between different approaches to trade policy, best thought of as an extension of domestic economic policy, and trade negotiations, which are reciprocal in nature. We review the theory and practice behind both, drawing on our extensive practical experience in real world processes.

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Advanced trade and investment negotiations:

This course takes a deep dive into the world of modern, “behind the border” trade and investment negotiations, drawing on our extensive work on mega-regional (TPP; TTIP) trade and investment negotiations. Targeted at experienced and intermediate trade officials and organized business representatives, you will be exposed to key regulatory issues shaping the future of world trade and investment and key debates concerning these, plus the political economy of negotiating them.

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Introductory seminar on the export process:

This beginner’s seminar covers the different practical aspects of international trade and how they work together, encompassing the entire process from product and production adaptation, freight and logistics, clearing borders, and distribution to receiving payment.

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Short course on preparing for market entry:

Targeted at senior management and company leaders, this course is adapted from the international business course we offer at MBA level. It combines minimal theory with plenty of practical insight into the kinds of policy and regulatory barriers governments establish; why they do so; and the implications for market entry strategy.

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Primer course on the rationale for public affairs and introductory toolkits:

Targeted at public affairs departments in large corporations, top management of medium-sized companies, organized business, state-owned enterprises and government agencies, this course introduces the public affairs imperative, anchors it in an understanding of policy processes, and provides several techniques for advancing corporate interests in the regulatory environment in an ethical manner.

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Please note that each course if offered on a bespoke, customised basis, subject to satisfying minimum demand criteria.

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