Market Entry Advisory

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Companies expanding into international environments confront high knowledge barriers, especially in emerging markets where two particular problems confront them: “institutional voids”, or the absence of regulations; and the “liability of outsidership”, or unfamiliarity with the host context. This exposes them to substantial risk. Considerably reducing those barriers confers two advantages: Time and cost savings for the company; and minimizing the risk of strategic over-stretch.

With its deep knowledge of international political economy, trade and investment policy and regulations, Tutwa Consulting Group is well-placed to assist companies with overcoming these barriers. With particular focus on medium-sized enterprises, or small enterprises getting export ready, we provide three inter-related services:

  • International expansion diagnostics and training, comprising: an introductory seminar on the export process; an expansion readiness assessment; export coaching where readiness is judged to be insufficient; foreign market awareness assessment; and an executive education offering targeted at senior management with a view to preparing them for the political, policy, and regulatory hurdles ahead.
  • Desktop opportunities analysis, comprising: market opportunities analysis, covering potential target country demand and associated demand for imports; assessment of potential competitors in the import market; and advisory concerning potential entry modes.
  • Desktop barriers and risks analysis, comprising: policy and regulatory barriers and risk assessment; and political risk assessment.

We offer a world-class research team skilled in technical economic, political, and regulatory analysis; with deep knowledge of political economy and its interface with international business; wide-ranging cross-sector experience; and extensive comparative corporate knowledge.

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