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Tutwa Consulting Group provides top quality analytical research on trade and investment policies and regulations. These policies and regulations constitute an intricate mesh of institutions that condition the circumstances in which international business is conducted. Awareness of the full, cumulative impact that this institutional environment has on value chains can be of significant benefit for companies, business associations, governments and their agencies, and regional organizations.

Our analysis is rooted in a political economy approach framed by policies and regulations at global, regional, and country levels, specifically:
• The global and multilateral trading systems, particularly the World Trade Organization.
• Regional economic integration groupings, particularly: Southern and Eastern Africa; West Africa; North Africa and the Gulf region; South America; and the European Union.
• Country policy and regulatory environments in the same geographic regions, and also the United States.
• We also provide a focused South Africa service, extending to key government and stakeholder mapping and advisory.

This research offering is customised to client needs, and generally encompasses:
• Mapping the broad policy and regulatory environment of concern to the client;
• Assessment of specific technical issues in the trade and investment policies and regulations terrain;
• Indicating directions of change; and
• Tailoring this to company value chains and/or government policy priorities to demonstrate cumulative impacts on competitiveness.

Some recent samples of our work are available on our thought leadership page.
We also offer two executive education courses, one beginner’s course and an advanced course, designed to unpack the complex world of trade and investment negotiations.

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