Tutwa Consulting has been keeping a finger on the pulse of the series of investment reform bills. At the centre of this is the Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill which aims to replace Bilateral Investment Treaties offering some protection for investors in the form of ISDS articles.

In this interview Azwimpheleli Langalanga gives an overview of the PPIB and why foreign investors might be concerned.

[youtube link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A3xZnYpCHE” width=”590″ height=”315″]

Over the past year Tutwa Consulting has reported on the effects that the bill can have on South Africa’s National Security Interests and Its Investment Attractiveness, what’s needed to keep the investment gateway open, its potential threats to foreign investors’ rights, South Africa’s Termination of Bilateral Investment Treaties and the regulatory complexities involved in enacting the bill.